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Barometric Fishing 101
Many anglers have their own theories on how barometric pressure affects fishing. I believe the effect of barometric pressure is greater in shallow water than deep, probably due to the pressure of the weight of the water in deep water being so high, that the air pressure above it is not relatively significant.

Pressure created by water depth is such a much greater factor than the pressure of atmosphere, it's likely that the weather conditions that are associated with these "readings" such as clouds, rain and wind, have more effect on fishing than the barometric pressure alone. Lets put it this way - Barometric change is a good indicator of fishing change, but it's not because of the pressure change itself, but rather what other weather conditions are likely to occur due to the pressure change.

High     Clear skies
    Fish seek cover, look to structure and fish good moving tides.

Rising     Clearing or improving  
 Very good - Active feeding but bite might slow as conditions stabilize.

Normal and stable  
   Fair     Normal activity.     Experiment with your favorite baits and lures.

Falling     Degrading  
   Active feeding.     A variety of tactics and locations will produce.

Slightly lower     Usually cloudy
    Fish seek deeper water, with water temp maybe also slowing them down. May need to settle before feeding again.
 Low    Rainy and stormy   
The fishing is generally slow.

Rapidly fluctuating either way
        Indication of good fishing .        

The longer a period of high feeding activity, the more likely the fish will stop feeding. And the longer the period of inactivity, the more likely the fish will start feeding.
Good luck out there and tight lines!
Capt. Keith Tomlinson