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Fish Fry 101


After putting in the time and effort of putting a nice catch in the cooler, an angler should be rewarded with a TASTY fish fry. Now I know that frying fish is not the best thing to help your cholesterol level, but a properly done fish fry is irresistible.


Get yourself a large heavy pot (cast iron holds the heat well). A deep pot is not necessary. I like to use  wider pot that will safely hold 6-8 inches of oil. I use the burner from my turkey fryer and will do the cooking outside.


Oil selection is important because it will affect the flavor. I use peanut oil, or a "southern frying oil" blend that has a p-nut oil base with other oils. Heat your oil between 300 - 350 degrees. 325 is perfect.


This is a matter of preference. A heavy batter is not a bad option, but I prefer a combination of lighter breading,

I mix one package of each together

- McCormick "golden dipt" cajun

-McCormick"golden dipt" reg.

-Panko breading & pepper

Place your pieces of fish in some milk and roll it in this mixture.


When the oil reaches cooking temperature take your breaded fish and gently place it in. Move it around with you dipper and when the fish begins to float it is should be golden brown and ready.


Follow the mixing instructions on the brand you buy, BUT use cream corn in place of the water. It might be a little thick so you might have to add a small amount of water. Dice up some onion really fine and add to mixture.


Don't forget the home made coleslaw (with pineapple) ,some fries, and by all means you better put some cheese grits on the table!

Good luck out there and tight lines!

Capt. Keith Tomlinson

Bulldog Fishin Charters